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The Conversation Continues: Reader's Comments
Readers respond to Hwa Yung's "A 21st Century Reformation: Recover the Supernatural"

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Gaylan Mathiesen

September 20, 2010  2:16pm

I think the author intended "epic proportions" instead of "mythic." Aside from that error, however, his indictment is correct that the western church has not done a good job of assessing and living out the supernatural in our Christian walk. However, I don't think we are left with only Pentecostal or other forms of present day charismatic or Third Wave theology as the only biblical interpretations. We will never see complete church consensus on this topic this side of eternity, but we could profit from respectful dialogue that pulls in the various theological traditions. This will necessitate conversation that is truly cruciform, abandoning all forms of spiritual arrogance and pride, humbly seeking the glory of Christ alone and the advancing of God's mission in all the world. We in the west need to abandon all forms of imperialism, in many cases seeking reconciliation, in order to graciously receive from each other.

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Displaying 1–1 of 1 comments.

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