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Selected writers respond to Ajith Fernando from around the globe.

"Thus God wears the mask of the Devil, and the Devil wears the mask of God; God wants to be recognized under the mask of the Devil, and he wants the Devil to be condemned under the mask of God."

Some of ...

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Editor's note: Shortly after Libby Little wrote this response to Ajith Fernando's article on suffering, she received news that her husband had been brutally murdered while returning from a medical mission ...

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In his insightful article, Fernando laments a contemporary idea of vocational fulfilment in ministry that has removed the cross from its core while adopting efficiency as its measuring standard. He points ...

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As a Westerner I wholeheartedly agree with Fernando's conclusions. For centuries large parts of the Middle East were lost to church and mission because of Islam. The same can become true for Europe (let ...

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