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To Serve Is to Suffer

If the apostle Paul knew fatigue, anger, and anxiety in his ministry, what makes us think we can avoid them in ours?

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A. A.

August 18, 2010  11:23pm

Of course Beth Moore is not going to appeal to everyone; what teacher does? But, her teachings are top-notch and just the thing to prove to the Southern Baptists how badly they've misinterpreted the Bible over the role of women.

BJ Community Manager

August 18, 2010  7:38pm

Friendly Reminder: Please keep your comments courteous and respectful of other opinions. Attack the issue but not the person. BJ Community Manager

Belinda Smith

August 17, 2010  10:53pm

I've read all 20 comments and oh my I had to duck from all of the stone throwing! We are commanded to build up and to edify. To criticize Beth Moore for dressing sharp and wanting to look her best? We've all got logs in our eyes if we don't see that we are guilty of the same thing it just looks different. And to compare Beth Moore with Joyce Meyer or anyone else? Do you compare Moses to King David? Paul to the Apostle Peter? Since when did God use perfect people? To condemn because tickets were $60? Obviously you haven't calculated to cost of renting a location, utilities, promotion, etc. God blessed Abraham and others materially, can God not bless Beth Moore? And the man with the attitude about women covering their heads, etc. STUDY the Word and get over the attitude. There are numerous BIBLICAL examples of women in leadership. "Christianity Today" is this what it looks like? I'd say we all have some confessing before the Lord at the condition of the Body of Christ today.

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Wanting Less

August 16, 2010  3:39pm

I want less-as in fewer celebrity status christian speakers doing the circuit, fewer christian authors rehashing the same stuff book after book. I DO want MORE - more people who turn on their brains and use discernment when they read these books and listen to the celebrity speakers. (I'm not questioning the intentions of Ms.Moore or any other speaker/author-just saying-no book written by a man or woman today is 100% gospel truth). I want MORE real face to face/heart to heart interaction with real people about the real stuff that goes on in real every day life. And although a study or book can be a useful springboard to talk about things, the study should not be the focus. The Word of God and our real lives in light of our relationship with God should be our focus. Knowing, really knowing each other (not just in the context of the latest/greatest study) and living out life (not sitting in the auditorium with 100s of others listening to the celebrity) is where real change takes place.

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Dieter Fischer

August 15, 2010  6:37pm

Prayer is the key - not necessarily in terms of hours on your knees, but intimate relationship with God. Self-talk becomes a dialog with God, moment by moment, just like young lovers think of each other constantly, while still doing their daily tasks. And Oh, look at the name Beth Moore. Being bi-lingual I can create 'Oh pray more'. Bet means pray in German. Let's all pray more for our nation.

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