In recognition of International Women’s Day, we’re pulling back the curtains at Where Ya From with an episode of producer’s picks— the powerful conversations about how God worked through women like Ekemini Uwan, KB Newton, and Jenn Peterson because they used what was “in their hand”—like Moses and his staff at the burning bush. They responded to the daunting call God was making on their lives by asking how they could possibly do that. And God said, look at what’s in your hand.

See how it all starts with using what God has given you in this very specific moment.

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The Where Ya From podcast producers Mary Jo Clark, Jade Gustman, and Ryan Clevenger highlight high-impact podcast sessions with guests like KB Newton, Ekemini Uwan, Jenn Peterson, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, Dr. Christina Edmonson, and more.

Notes & Quotes:

  • “We’re going to have to actually love them for a long time, before the Gospel will even have a context.” —Beth Guckenberger
  • “Hardship, for some people, actually can reveal who they really are. And it can really push them, it can really inspire them.”—Dr. Christina Edmonson
  • “The family system that we are a part of, their stories, their experiences, they come right into who we are, right into our literal DNA and our emotional DNA, into who we are.”—Dr. Christina Edmonson
  • “In the event that God doesn’t call you or allow for marriage, what does that mean for you in intimacy and deep meaningful connections with other people? Does that mean you forfeit that, because I’m not married yet or won’t get married?”– KB Newton
  • “Though I am not your cup of tea, that doesn’t say that I’m not a cup of tea. Whatever your big is, embrace that and be bold about it.”—Kierra Sheard-Kelly
  • “After a while, you just begin to believe it. Maybe I’m not attractive, maybe I am ugly. There was a lot of self-hate for me. Hating my dark skin, to the point where I started bleaching my skin.—Ekemini Uwan

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