Who serves the servers? As it turns out, very few do. In the midst of serving others, those working in the hospitality industry -- waitresses, maids, line cooks and hotel front desk attendants -- often struggle to make ends meet. When crises come, few have the safety nets they need to weather the storms.

This week, host Sandra McCracken visits with Jen Seger, City Director of Big Table Nashville, to talk about the slow work of collaborative care, and the capacity building that can lift vulnerable populations out of struggle and into strength. Big Table, a nonprofit with branches in Nashville, Spokane, San Diego and Colorado Springs (spring 2023), assists those in the hospitality industry with empathy, advocacy, and practical care. Enjoy this conversation as Sandra and Jen talk about the value of journaling, the dignity of the referral model, and the hope that exists around shared meals.

Special Guest:
Jen Seger is the City Director of Big Table Nashville, a nonprofit that cares for restaurant and hospitality workers in crisis through timely interventions, intentional relationships and transformational care. After years of leading as the care director at a large Nashville church, Jen is thrilled to serve the city in this new way. She loves dark chocolate and has a small piece after every meal (yes, even after breakfast) to keep her sweet tooth in check.

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