When people think of Bill McKibben, they likely think of issues like environmentalism and climate change. As Russell Moore points out in this episode, it may seem like a surprise that McKibben’s latest book is titled The Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon: A Graying American Looks Back at His Suburban Boyhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened.

But, as Moore points out, McKibben has long been pondering the cultural influences that shape suburbia and those who grew up within it. And if there’s ever been a time to talk about the ways that the individualism that’s highly prized in suburbia affects Christians in America, it’s now.

Tune into this episode for a discussion between two men who do not always agree yet respect each other’s intellectual positions and work. McKibben and Moore discuss the influence of the past on the present, how comfortability affects Christian formation, and the importance of solidarity. Their discussion touches on history, science, philosophy, theology, and politics—and how the gospel affects it all.

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