On this bonus episode, Russell Moore and Beth Moore talk about overcoming bitterness and how to avoid quarrels. They discuss the exvangelical/evangelical divide and what it looks like to guard against self-righteousness. Both of them share a few words of advice for current Southern Baptist leaders as well. Tune in for an insightful, rich conversation.

  • What is a practice you use to overcome bitterness? (0:56)

  • On the other side of leaving, are there new or unexpected ways of thinking you find yourself entering into? (03:16)

  • How can we encourage a public discourse about making us what God expects us to be? (6:02)

  • How do you know when to challenge your loved ones’ dangerous views and when to let go and quit pushing them? (9:12)

  • What would you say to those who choose to stay? (12:30)

  • Russell, what would you say to the 2016 version of yourself? (17:55)

  • What advice would you give to church leaders currently affiliated with the SBC who are wrestling through how to consider whether or not to unaffiliate? (21:29)

  • If one feels uncomfortable or disillusioned in the current evangelical culture, should one move to the exvangelical movement? (26:00)

  • How do you guard yourself against self-righteousness when in disagreement with someone over convictions? (29:00)

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