The Israel-Palestine conflict is a collision of competing stories, each with claims on the land connected to faith, history, and justice.

On this episode of “Promised Land,” a Bulletin miniseries, we explore the Palestinian story—or rather, several Palestinian stories—from Christians and Muslims in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Guests include a Muslim scholar and member of the Waqf, the council overseeing Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem; Palestinian Christian theologians; and an evangelical Palestinian pastor from Bethlehem. They discuss the importance of Al Aqsa to Muslims, their vision of pluralism, life under occupation, the Christian presence in the Holy Land, and various visions of a path to peace.

“Promised Land” is a limited series exploring the moral, spiritual, and political challenges presented by the Israel-Hamas war. Host Mike Cosper (The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill ) takes listeners with him to locations across the US, Israel, and Palestine, bringing you into the homes, lives, and stories of people for whom this conflict is their everyday experience.

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