The new year starts off with a bang in this week’s news roundup, as hosts Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore take on the battle for speaker of the House and the complexities of violence in professional football.

Never ones to shy away from hard conversations, Mike and Russell talk honestly about the chaos machine that has become American politics, and they ask incisive questions about the gladiatorial nature of America’s favorite sport. On the floor and the field, who have we become when we glory in our shame? Reflections on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI remind listeners of the upside down beauty of the Christian gospel, and special guest, retired NFL offensive tackle Derwin Gray, speaks to the risks and joys of playing a sport you love.

Joining us this week:
Derwin Gray graduated from Brigham Young University and went on to play professional football in the NFL for five years with the Indianapolis Colts (1993–1997) and one year with the Carolina Panthers (1998). He graduated magna cum laude from Southern Evangelical Seminary with a master of divinity degree, with a concentration in apologetics, and began serving as the lead pastor of Transformation Church in January of 2010.

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