This week the nation grieved the horrific death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of law enforcement. In the wake of such tragedy, it can feel cathartic to have someone talk straight with us, but can exhortation alone compel real, lasting change?

Hosts Mike Cosper and CT editor in chief Russell Moore wrestle with this question in this week’s episode, a thread that runs through conversation about race relations, psychedelic drug use and, surprisingly, the retirement of daytime television personality Dr. Phil. Whether we seek to fill our “God shaped hole” with mushrooms, tell-all talk shows, or a silent disdain for the other, we all need more than words to fill the gap between who we are and the Gospel to which we are called.

Special guest author and pastor Jamaal Williams joins Cosper and Moore to talk about racial pain, the illusion of justice education, and the love we must embody if we are to witness to kingdom truth.

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