This week on Be Afraid, we explore how slasher films make us feel about random acts of violence. We also compare slashers to body horror and ask the question of whether or not the horror genre might present us with a vision of human life as fully embodied.

Joining us this week:

Larry Rench is an orchestrator for TV and film and has worked on projects ranging from the Final Destination series to The Haunted Mansion to 2005’s much under-appreciated monster movie Man-Thing.

Scott Rice is an award-winning writer, producer, and director based in Austin, Texas. He also co-teaches a film class at the University of Texas along with Matthew McConaughey.

Keiko Sugihara is a writer, director, and actor based in Los Angeles. She wrote and directed Vampire American, a short film in which she also stars.

Maria Vera Ratti is an actress known for The Lying Life of Adults and Inspector Ricciardi. Most recently, she was Sister Yulia in Deliver Us.

Anna Zlokovic is a writer, director, and producer whose work in the horror genre includes short films, limited series, and, most recently, her feature film Appendage.

To see the picture Kutter took of the bloodstained mirror frame in the AirBnB, go to:

To watch Vampire American, go here.

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