Social media provides pastors with an opportunity to speak to those inside and outside their congregations far more often than a Sunday morning sermon. Depending on the climate of Twitter or Facebook, that increase in available airtime can feel like a blessing or a curse. What is a pastor’s calling in the face of a blinking cursor and updated feed?

In this episode of The Art of Pastoring, Ronnie Martin and Jared Wilson return from their hiatus to share their thoughts on social media engagement. They talk about the problems with statements like “he’s not really like that in real life” and the fact that our true selves are made plain through our speech—even online. And they consider what it looks like to interact with congregants about their social media posts in ways that keep love and truth at the heart of every conversation.

Produced by Mike Cosper
Edited and Mixed by Aaron Leslie
Theme Song "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" by Jeremy Casella