A New History of Redemption: The Work of Jesus the Messiah through the Millennia

Gerald R. McDermott (Baker Academic)

In one sense, the work of redemption was finished on the cross. Yet in another sense, redemption has an infinite scope, as something God has planned before the dawn of time and orchestrated over human history, so that believers might enjoy its blessings forever. In A New History of Redemption, theologian Gerald R. McDermott unfolds this larger story, pursuing a project Jonathan Edwards had left incomplete. As McDermott explains, this narrative includes “not only the purchase of redemption but also everything God arranged to prepare for that purchase and also everything that applied the fruit of that purchase to the people of God.”

The Servant Lawyer: Facing the Challenges of Christian Faith in Everyday Law Practice

Robert F. Cochran Jr. (IVP Academic)

To judge them by the unflattering jokes, lawyers as a class are some combination of sleazy, greedy, cutthroat, and manipulative. As Robert F. Cochran Jr. observes in The Servant Lawyer, few would describe them with adjectives like servant-hearted. Cochran, an emeritus law professor at Pepperdine University, shows how Christlike character and virtue can shape everyone from law school students to experienced attorneys toiling away at firms large and small. His book highlights the diverse functions lawyers perform—“builders, trustees, advocates, peacemakers, prosecutors, defenders, and counselors”—while giving guidance on moral, ethical, and spiritual challenges.

Friend of God: The Inspiration of Abraham in an Age of Doubt

John C. Lennox (SPCK)

Most Sunday school kids know the lines to “Father Abraham.” How many mature believers dwell regularly on their status as heirs to the promises he received? “I am staggered by how few Christians show real interest in it,” writes apologist John C. Lennox, “even though they may pay lip service to the fact that they are Abraham’s spiritual children in some vague and indeterminate sense.” Friend of God walks readers through the story of Abraham, sharing lessons on faith in the contemporary world.

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