Welcome. This year, you are invited on a journey through the somber season of Lent, into the dark depths of Good Friday, and out into the marvelous light of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In these pages, you will be led through the landscape of Jesus’ homeland and the journey he takes through times of confusion, despair, hope, and into everlasting joy.

As you know, the church is at a pivotal point where it seems like familiar ideas, methods, and comforts are dying. It is natural to fear a sense of decay—whether physical, moral, political, or relational—but the season of Lent and Easter show that sometimes things must die in order to bear a new fullness of life.

Through the devotional writings and artistic illustrations in this special issue from Christianity Today, a variety of pastors, theologians, and thinkers offer their perspective on what we must let die in our day and age, in order to come to terms with reality and live in the renewal that Easter promises. The term “memento mori” is a Latin expression symbolizing the reminder that death is inevitable. As we journey through this season of Lent and Easter together, let’s wonder about and discuss what we believe needs to die in order to lead to vibrant life in our unique contexts of vocation and community. We hope this helps you embrace the gift of the gospel and leads to deeper life and love, both in this world and the one to come.

This article is part of New Life Rising which features articles and Bible study sessions reflecting on the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Learn more about this special issue that can be used during Lent, the Easter season, or any time of year at http://orderct.com/lent.

[ This article is also available in Français and Indonesian. ]

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