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Black History Month celebrates the achievements made by Black Americans against a backdrop of oppression and struggle. But it’s also a good time to examine and learn from the resilient and deeply rooted faith of Black Christians. Many people are familiar with the exuberant worship and preaching of the Black church. Less discussed is the Black church’s unique embrace of the spiritual disciplines of contemplative prayer, spiritual direction, and soul care.

Author and spiritual director Barbara L. Peacock’s 2020 book, Soul Care in African American Practice, shines a light on the holistic expression of these formational practices in the lives of Black Christians. Drawing from the examples of key figures from Black history and contemporary life, she shows how these spiritual disciplines are woven into African American culture and lived out through its faith community.

Join Barbara Peacock and CT’s new chief impact officer, Nicole Massie Martin, on Feb. 23 at 2 PM EST, for a Black History Month conversation co-sponsored by CT and Seminary Now. In this free virtual event, Peacock will discuss the importance of spiritual disciplines for all Christians and reflect on the lives of the spiritual leaders highlighted in her book, including Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Howard Thurman.

“For centuries, African American leaders have been tenacious in pursuing a relationship with Yahweh,” writes Peacock. “This fight has led to the spiritual maturity of many in spite of persecution, obstacles, oppression, racism, degradation, segregation, and disappointment.”

Barbara Peacock’s stories of discipleship in action provide models of spiritual maturity for the whole church. Register here to attend the live webinar or to receive a link to the recording.

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