Dream of Kings

Sharon Hinck (Enclave Publishing)

Betrayed and sold into slavery, dream-teller Jolan finds herself in a foreign land surrounded by complicated adversaries and dangerous allies. How could being stolen away from all she has known and loved be part of the Provider’s plans? And yet, the Provider’s gift of dream-telling grants Jolan knowledge that can save her enemies from impending disaster. Inspired by the story of Joseph, Dream of Kings delves into themes of forgiveness, grief, healing, courage, and renewed faith. Hinck deftly weaves imaginative fantasy imbued with truth, grace, and hope.

’Til I Want No More

Robin W. Pearson (Tyndale)

With her wedding drawing closer, Maxine’s secrets are eating her whole, and even though she’s surrounded by people who love her, she isn’t at peace. As she wrestles with past decisions, Maxine comes face to face with questions of authenticity and truthfulness. But embracing grace (and being embraced by grace) requires taking the path of honesty, which isn’t the easiest choice. ’Til I Want No More shines with complex relationships, tricky family dynamics, and well-drawn characters, making Pearson’s second novel a heartfelt addition to the world of Southern women’s fiction.

Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time

Tracy Higley (Stonewater Books)

Bookstore owner Kelsey Willoughby has set aside her dream of writing novels to grapple with the pressing demands of bills, an encroaching development project, and her adoptive mother’s failing health. When she stumbles into a magical garden in an abandoned lot, she starts uncovering the mystery of who she is as a writer and a person. But to find answers she must journey deeper, learning to forgive and accept her past. Higley’s lyrical exploration of creativity breathes encouragement for musicians, artists, crafters, and storytellers alike.

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