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Special Issue: Globe Issue
Globe Issue
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About This Issue
In our first annual Globe Issue, we hope you find a captivating and capacious vision of how men and women are following the call of Christ all around the planet. We hope you find your horizons broadened on what we mean when we say Christianity today. We hope, too, you catch a vision of the vast and varied, complex and compelling, sometimes broken but always beautiful global church, the bride of Christ, who continues to join with him in his redemption and restoration of the world.
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My Playground a Wasteland
How one girl held to her faith in the middle of a spiritual wasteland.
What I Learned Under the Red Lights
How caring for women in the sex trade taught a missionary new truths.
Our Body Groans for Unity
How a diverse church in Djibouti reveals God’s difficult plans.
What the Darkness Doesn’t Obscure
How life as a traveling astronomer’s daughter revealed universal truths.
Faith in the Face of Bullet Fire
What happens when steadfast faith collides with wartime trauma?
Scripture Feeds my French Appetite
How delighting in luxury led one woman to the feast of scripture.
The Statistic that Nobody Believes
How a former NFL player became an advocate for the most vulnerable.
Our Names Become Bridges
How a heritage of naming revealed cultural identity and gospel hope.
When the Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending
Learning to find redemption in unfinished stories.
The Wounded Sparrow
How God’s eye on the sparrow offers comfort to a whole family.
It Wasn’t the Tear Gas that Surprised Me
How pastoring in the midst of protests changed one man's perspective.
Breaking Slavery on Lake Volta
How the largest man-made lake became a place to untangle the bonds of slavery.
A Way in the Wilderness
How prayers for a boy brought reconciliation to a land.
A Phoenix Rises After ISIS Enslavement
How one woman’s journey led her from the hands of ISIS to hope in Jesus.
Learning to See Beauty Through the Scars of War
How a journey through a war-torn land changed a scholar's mind.
Eusebio Prays for the President
How a shrewd response forged a path for greater influence.
The Drums of the Witch's Demise
How one man interferes with the horror of child sacrifice.
Betty is God’s Favorite
How deeper healing came to a hospital in Kenya.
The Prison Sanctum
How the kingdom of heaven came to an Ethiopian prison.
The Biggest Mistake the Church Can Make
How government restrictions bring revival to Algeria.