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April 2012
Volume 56, Number 4
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Cover Story

The New School Choice Agenda
Why Christians in Richmond, Virginia, and elsewhere are choosing to send their children to struggling public schools.


Creative Discipleship: Meet Richmond's Christians
Five Richmonders who transcend their city's cultural Christianity in unlikely ways.
Proof of a Good God: 'Crucified Under Pontius Pilate'
Why this 'factoid' from the Nicene Creed is key to ending our nightmares about God.
What Good Grief Looks Like When a Daughter Dies
Walking the way of grace in the midst of my grief.
Discipling the Eyes Through Art in Worship
The visual arts can play a powerful role in worship—if we look closely enough.
Jesus Disappoints Everyone
Our Savior has come, but we're often blind to his purposes.


Where Are the Dads? Treating Richmond's Fatherless Epidemic
How local Christians are building human capital through public health—one man at a time.
Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to the February issue.
How Pastors' Ponzis Affect Our Gospel Witness
A rash of pastor-endorsed fraud taints our gospel witness
Do Pets Go to Heaven?
An author, a professor, and an animal advocate weigh in.
Defending Scripture. Literally.
Not everything the Bible has to say should be literally interpreted. But that doesn't make it less powerful.
Chuck Colson: Evangelicals Should Be Uniters, Not Dividers
Why evangelicals need to redefine themselves and reform the whole church.


The Clearing
Interview: Why Sarah Macintosh Ran Away from CCM and Went Back
She left Christian music a decade ago, frustrated with the industry. Now she's back on a CCM label. Here's why.
October Baby
The power of forgiveness is key in this pro-life journey of self-discovery.
Blue Like Jazz
Miller's memoir comes to the big screen, but it's hardly Christian cinema as usual. PLUS: Interview with leading man, and a movie discussion guide.
Jesus Through Jewish Eyes
Why Jewish New Testament professor Amy-Jill Levine thinks Jews should know more about Jesus, and Christians more about first-century Judaism.
Polarizing Politics by Defending the Declaration
Social conservatism draws its viability from America's founding principles. A review of 'The Case for Polarized Politics.'
My Top 5 Books on Christianity in North Korea
Picks from Carl Moeller, CEO of Open Doors USA and coauthor of 'The Privilege of Persecution'
Tolerance—Or Else: Coercive Attempts to Impose Secular Beliefs
Secularists, D.A. Carson says, want to drive their opponents from the public square.
Wilson's Bookmarks
Brief reviews of 'The Monks of Tibhirine,' 'How to Win an Election,' and 'Wright Morris Territory.'
Connecting Christ
How to discuss Jesus in a world of diverse paths.
'God Is Not a Genie in a Bottle': Ways We Misuse the Bible
Why Eric J. Bargerhuff says we must avoid twisting Bible verses for our own advantage.
Books to Note
Brief reviews of 'Prophetic Evangelicals,' 'The Explicit Gospel,' and 'Winning the Food Fight.'
Becoming Donald Miller
Marshall Allman plays the author of 'Blue Like Jazz.'


Go Figure
Recent stats on missions, money, and church and state.
Quotation Marks
Recent remarks on book titles, weight loss, and more.
Sex Sect The Family Cleans House
The former Children of God movement is leaving its sex cult history behind as it shifts from radical legalism to more biblical behavior.
The Problem 'Son': Debate Continues Over Translating 'Son of God' for Muslims
Wycliffe translations challenged by Assemblies of God.
Contract Concern: USAID Policy on Hiring Alarms Charities
Groups concerned religious liberty fear they could be challenged in the future.
Deaths, retirements, and other changes in the church and the world.
Mass Appeal: Evangelicals Copy More of Catholic Playbook to Oppose Contraception Ruling
Mandate has evangelicals and Catholics finding common ground on ethics—and strategy.
Is the Lord's Prayer a Christian Prayer?
Observers weigh in as a judge considers the question.
Nontraditional Believers Recover Christian Community
Renewal in the post-war Balkans comes from outside the God box.
Violence in Nigeria: Breaking the Country's Fatal Deadlock
Christians and Muslims will find peace if they work together for justice.

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Journaling Grief: How Web-Based Publishing Is Changing Everything
The Internet allows a project to go from idea to publication in record time.
Becoming Donald Miller
Marshall Allman plays the author of 'Blue Like Jazz.'