Style: Vintage electric blues; compare to B.B. King, with a touch of Dr. John

Top tracks: "Blind Man," "Just Another Rider," "I Can't Be Satisfied"

Gregg Allman recorded Low Country Blues while recovering from major surgery—a liver transplant—so it's probably no coincidence that the set begins with "Floating Bridge," a song about a near-death experience that leads to a fresh outlook on life. Indeed, the album is the sound of a man who knows how precious our time on earth really is, and as a result he's less interested in morbid introspection than in simply playing the blues with all he's got. This one's all about the simmering, in-the-groove performances—highlighted by Dr. John on piano and captured pristinely by T-Bone Burnett's hands-off production.

Low Country Blues
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Release Date
January 1, 2011
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