Style: Modern rock; compare to Matchbox Twenty, Seal, dc talk, Tait

Top tracks: "One Shot," "Miracles," "Build Us Back"

Many bands—from AC/DC to Petra—have bounced back after a lead singer switch. Newsboys, who last year replaced outgoing lead singer Peter Furler with former dc Talk member Michael Tait, are no exception. Though Born Again mixes windows-rolled-down singalongs with praise-filled hand-raisers, it sounds closer to a Tait solo project than the band behind groundbreaking albums like Going Public and Take Me to Your Leader. A completely unnecessary cover of dc talk's "Jesus Freak" adds to the confusion. That misstep aside, Tait can certainly convey both the group's serious side and signature sense of humor (thanks to Steve Taylor's lyrical contributions), which provide enough continuity to maintain the brand, despite the changes in personnel.

Born Again
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Release Date
July 13, 2010
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