Style: Ear-tickling folk/pop; compare to Jack Johnson, David Gray, Jason Mraz

Top tracks: "One Little Corner," "Favorites," "Somewhere Down the Road"

2009 hadn't yet left when I heard what will be one of 2010's best albums—at least on my list. Troast, an insightful singer from little Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, writes irresistible songs that carry whimsy, warmth, and weight, tunes sure to bring a smile to any listener who's paying attention. This CD was based on his experiences of playing 100 living room concerts in 100 days in 2009, crisscrossing the U.S. while playing in a different home every night. It's the ultimate road trip album. As Garrison Keillor told Troast live on A Prairie Home Companion, "I love your songs." Same here.

Living Room
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5 Stars - Masterpiece
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Release Date
January 1, 2010
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