June (Web-only) 2008

Virginia Judge Sides with Breakaway Episcopal Churches
Decision confirms April ruling in favor of Falls Church et al., saying the 1867 law that would allow them to retain property is constitutional.
Viva la Vida
Brit pop/rock
Monster's Life Verse
What's different about evangelicals? How does Mugabe explain himself? And other questions from this week's Christian news.
Back to Sunday School
The author of Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered says the church must reclaim its disciple-making infrastructure.
The Little Robot That Could
Pixar's Andrew Stanton first thought of WALL•E in 1994, and now it's hitting theaters. We caught up with Stanton to discuss his faith, creativity, and that lonely little 'bot.
Pew Report Shows Americans Are Religious in Unpredictable Ways
Survey turns up atheists who believe in God, Orthodox who pray in tongues, and evangelicals who think many religions lead to eternal life.
A Quarter Century of Cornerstone
Christian culture's premier "alternative festival" celebrates its 25 years of music, seminars, arts, and community—not to mention "muddy and dusty" camping.
The Presbyterians Giveth, the Presbyterians Taketh Away
Revised document shifts focus from PC(USA) anti-Semitism.
Reclaiming Orthodoxy
1000 conservative evangelicals gather in Jerusalem to reclaim Anglicanism. An interview with Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen.
Eastern African Christianity
What country in the region has the most missionaries? Which leader doesn't say he's a Christian? And other questions about Eastern Africa.
Get Smart
The Love Guru
'Footprints' Forensics
Families battle over who owns the famous poem.
The Christian Pop Cultures of Rapture Ready
Writer Daniel Radosh explores the heavy-handed evangelists, the art snobs, the money changers, and others who make up the Christian entertainment industry.
Jewish Groups Angered by Presbyterian Statement on Anti-Jewish Bias
Revisions give a pro-Palestinian slant, they say.
Taking a Chance on Fu Yang
A photojournalist discovers God's surprises through one special-needs child.
Surveying the Whole to See the Parts
Tom Schreiner's New Testament Theology searches for Scripture's unifying themes.
The Happening
The Incredible Hulk
Southern Baptists Elect President, Dismiss Abuse Database
Johnny Hunt says he'll be challenging spirit of lethargy.
Review: <i>A Wheel Within A Wheel</i>
Apocalyptic Love Songs
Southeast Engine harks back to the prophets.
Backwoods Barbie
Name That College Virginity Club
Also: What Tony Blair wants to do with his life, the final straw for Obama, and Iraqi Christians react to death penalty.
Kung Fu Panda
You Don't Mess with the Zohan
You Reviewed WHAT??
Our recent review of Sex and the City prompted some strong reactions from readers. Here's why we reviewed it—and many other "objectionable" films.
JESUS for Women
The JESUS film, one of the most effective evangelistic tools of all time, now comes in a version edited primarily for women—Magdalena: Released from Shame.
What's in a Label?: Gotee Records
Corporate independence? Digital-only releases? The record label started by tobyMac, Joey Elwood, and Todd Collins continues with the unconventional decisions that first started Gotee 15 years ago.
Holy Ghost Building

Top Story July 22, 2024

‘This Is the Day’ for Filipinos to Develop Their Own Worship Music
‘This Is the Day’ for Filipinos to Develop Their Own Worship Music
In a country known for loving Western praise music—Hillsong’s second-biggest market—a grassroots movement is singing new tunes.

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