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Volume 50, Number 7
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Cover Story

Hope in the Heart of Darkness
With 3.9 million dead and 40,000 raped, Christians work for renewal and healing in Congo's killing fields.
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Glimpses of God in Africa
Reporting from the heart of darkness.
Crowded Out
London megachurch loses land to Olympics.
Promotions, deaths, and other items from the religion world.
Cutting Deeper
Decline in giving to PC(USA) headquarters forces more layoffs.
Belgrade Curve
Evangelicals fear greater power of state, Orthodox church.
Quotation Marks
Recent comments from Kay Warren, Bill Cosby, and Cardinal Pell.
Sky's the Limit
Air above urban churches is hot property.
Go Figure
Recent stats on belief in 'The Da Vinci Code'
Hide Your Bible
Court says Christians who work for the government can't pray with clients.
Health Care, Everyone?
Massachusetts makes medical insurance accessible to all—or else.
Sex Isn't a Spectator Sport
Germany's World Cup pimping will fuel sex trafficking.
Beyond Yellow Ribbons
Become a blessing to a military family.
Born Again and Again
'Jesus gives us strength,' says a Congolese pastor.
From Rape to Rebuilding
Women persevere in the Congo despite daunting obstacles.
Gospel Work in Time of War
Who says evangelism has to stop during conflict?
Experiencing Life at the Margins
An African bishop tells North American Christians the most helpful gospel-thing they can do.
'Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God'
Apparently 'satanic' can be a synonym for 'relevant'.
Lost Missions
Whatever happened to the idea of rescuing people from hell?
Social Justice Surprise
Stephen Monsma proves that evangelicals are more active in welfare-to-work programs than any other religious group.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
What's Right About Patriotism
The nation is not our highest love, but it still deserves our affection.
Latter-day Complaints
Mormons and evangelicals fret over movies, politics, and each other.
Free Speech Fiasco
It's not the government's job to decide whose feelings need protection.
Grand Illusions
Too many suburban Christians are in the world—and also of it.
The Faith of Our Founders
Scholar says diversity of belief did not obliterate consensus on key issues.
Reforming Wayward Reformers
Renewal movements are winning the battle against mainliners, says Thomas Oden.
Pro-life Feminists
An anthology of the strange bedfellows who are all pro-woman and pro-life.
Friday Night Fish Fry
How medieval dietary needs fueled the discovery of the new world.
More than Logic
Debra Rienstra invites readers to a felt and lived Christian faith.
Do It for the Children
Opposing same-sex marriage is actually the enlightened policy.
Beyond Azusa Street
An eclectic collection of essays looks at the growth of Pentecostalism.
Second-half Calling
Former TCW editor asks women to seek purpose after kids leave home.
The Lure of Theocracy
As we flee decadence, we must watch where we step.