August (Web-only) 2003

Israel's Anti-Family Values
Christians should be outraged by a law thwarting Israeli-Palestinian marriages
Rape Charges at ELCA Youth Conference
"Previews of today's Episcopal Church gay bishop vote, and many other stories from online sources around the world."
Dispatch: Deputies Slice into the Gordian Knot
The Episcopal Church's House of Deputies approves Gene Robinson as New Hampshire Bishop. The House of Bishops will vote today.
Dispatch: Praise the Lord and Pass the Condoms
"Southern Hemisphere primates warned that approving Gene Robinson would place the church outside most of the world's 72 million Anglicans. You'll get over it, responded about 60 percent of the House of Deputies"
Dispatch: Gene Robinson Takes Questions in a Church called Gethsemane
"Speaks on reparative therapy, potential schism, and whether he really left his wife for his male lover"
Dispatch: What in the World Is God Doing?
"For Episcopalians, the night may be darkest before the dawn."
Books & Culture's Books of the Week: Looking for the 'I'
What happens to the self when the brain is injured or malformed?
"Harassment, Porn Charges Derail Approval of Gay Bishop"
Vote delayed while Episcopal Church committee investigates
Dispatch: The Bitter Harvest of Sexual Ideology
No one wanted the Gene Robinson bishopric debate to take this sad turn
"Weblog: Voodoo Weddings, Funerals to Be Official"
"ELCA responds to rape charges, and many other stories (far too many of them about sexual ethics) from online sources around the world."
Why God Is Like Jazz
"Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, talks about why Christians need writers who honestly deal with their faults and why penguin sex is an apt metaphor for believing in Christ"
Dispatch: Darkness in the Afternoon
"Openly homosexual Episcopal priest cleared of misconduct, confirmed as bishop"
Roy Moore Given August 20 Ultimatum on Monument
"Archaeology disputes, surfers' spirituality, and other stories from online sources around the world"
A Wedding of Crass Jokes and Bad Filmmaking
"Critics try to forget American Wedding, Gigli, and Buffalo Soldiers. But Dirty Pretty Things wins applause as one of the summer's best films and Seabiscuit and Whale Rider get further examination. Plus: Debate about The Passion continues"
"Weblog: Newspapers Report that Episcopalians, um, Did Something on Gay Marriage"
"Turning to the rock … of the '60s, pirating worship songs, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Dispatch: Bishops Sanction Local Same-Sex Blessings
"Having confirmed gay bishop, Episcopal leaders turn to discussing same-sex unions"
Weblog Bonus: 'Difficult Days Ahead' For Anglican Communion
"As some Episcopalian conservatives walk out, leaders abroad condemn the church's first openly homosexual bishop"
Are Episcopalians Still a Church?
A Lutheran theologian and journalist examines the Robinson confirmation
Solomon Islands Warlord Says Six Missionary Hostages Are Dead
"Archbishop of Canterbury calls emergency meeting of Anglican Primates, Judge rules Boy Scouts a religious group, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Dispatch: To My Episcopal Family
Final thoughts from the Episcopal Church's General Convention
"Christian History Corner: Palestinian Christians, Strangers in a Familiar Land"
"They've called the Holy Land home for centuries, but they've never actually governed themselves"
Orthodox Episcopalians Answer 'What's Next' After Gay Bishop
Baylor puts itself on probation out of Christian commitment
'A Golden Age' of Religious Tolerance?
The Ornament of the World analyzes how the intellectual elites of medieval Spain eschewed fundamentalism and showed surprising sensitivity in reconciling competing truths.
Judge Will Reconsider Decision on Church Land Use
"Anti-Defamation League sees The Passion and still doesn't like it, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Could Rastas and Christians Really Unite?
"There's more in common than you might think, but some factors keep adherents wary of one another"
Looking for a Dreadlocked Jesus
The author of Dread Jesus talks about the Rastafari call for respect and the many belief structures—Christian and not—inside the movement
Orthodox Anglicans Attacked in Wake of Gay Bishop Debate
"The new Family Research Council head, Jack Van Impe gets White House invite, and a bajillion links about homosexuality and the church from news sources around the world"
I Am Is God. I Am Not.
"Roy Moore will announce today whether he'll honor Commandments removal deadline, advertisers tell churches to drop the whole cross thing, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Critics Punish The Magdalene Sisters
"What critics in the religious press are saying about Freaky Friday, S.W.A.T., Le Divorce, war movies, Harry Potter, The Passion, and more"
Row Seethes in Bethlehem Over Keys to the Birthplace of Jesus
"Greek Orthodox monks changed locks, refuse to share keys with Catholics and Armenians"
NYT's Nicholas Kristof Pits Religious Belief Against 'Intellect'
"Church leaders who aren't even Christians, Roy Moore's Commandments vow, and other stories from online sources around the world"
"Christian History Corner: Muscular Christianity's Prodigal Son, College Sports"
"In the wake of a basketball scandal at a prominent Christian university, we take time to remember the Christian roots of college athletics"
Thousands Rally in Montgomery for Ten Commandments Display
Ruling called effort to set the stage for religious persecution
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: A New View of Worldview
"Some critics want to retire the concept. Not so fast, says David Naugle"
Thanks for the Memoirs
Two authors write about pain and God's elusive presence
"Editor's Bookshelf: Choosing a Partner, Not a Future"
"Margaret Kim Peterson, author of Sing Me to Heaven, discusses her marriage to a man dying of AIDS and the theological lessons she learned"
A Green and Dying Tree
I saw the fruit of healing prayer even as AIDS was taking my husband's life
The Unintentional Ethicist
How three assumptions about God can shape the moral choices we are called to make
Another 'Gay Bishop' Hate Crime?
"Richard Land criticizes Roy Moore, sexy teen virtue, reflecting on Baylor's woes, and other stories from around the world"
The Long War About Science
"Larry Witham, the author of Where Darwin Meets the Bible and By Design, talks about faith, science, and how the battle has evolved."
Churches Must Recognize Threat of Youth Sexually Abusing Youth
"Legal experts say rape, like in a recent ELCA case, is rare in youth ministry. But sex abuse by children against other children is a very real risk in churches"
Anti-Drug Flight Program That Killed Missionary and Daughter Will Resume
": Ala. Ten Commandments display deadline is today, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Massive Blackout Saves a Few Moviegoers from Freddy vs. Jason
"Religious press critics say nobody wins in Freddy vs. Jason, and review Kevin Costner's western Open Range, The Secret Lives of Dentists, Uptown Girls, and Grind. Seattle Pacific University asks What's wrong with Hollywood? Plus: More on The Magdalene S"
"Weblog: Evangelical Missionaries Await Verdicts in Moscow, Beirut"
"Plus: Protesters arrested as Supreme Court denies Moore's Ten Commandments request, and other stories from online sources around the world."
More Moore: Ten Commandments Standoff Continues
"Plus: Jeb Bush attacks murderer's Jesus claim, Baylor faculty challenges president, call for Christian state in Fiji, and other stories from online sources around the world"
The Ten Commandments, How Deep Our Debt
The words of the Decalogue run like a river through not only the church but also English and American history
Russian Kangaroo Court Convicts American Missionary
"Government keeps $48,000 intended for churches"
Ten Commandments Watch Continues
56+ new articles on Roy Moore's 'bama battle
Trusting in a Culturally Relevant Gospel
"Os Guinness says that evangelicals have never strived for relevance in society as much as they do now. Ironically, he says, they have never been more irrelevant"
Ten Commandments Monument Removed From Ala. Courthouse
"Billy Graham's younger brother dies at 78, Jesus without the cross, and other stories from online sources around the world"
American Splendor Finds Extra in the Ordinary
Critics celebrate American Splendor and applaud The Legend of Johnny Lingo but toss aside The Medallion and My Boss's Daughter. Plus: Another poor review for The Magdalene Sisters
Roy Moore—I'll Keep Fighting
Charges dropped against one of three boys charged in ELCA rape case and other stories from online sources around the world
The Discontent Between Business and Artistry
The songwriter and singer of Sixpence None the Richer talk about how the business side of the music industry—and outside expectations—can constrain the creative process
Weblog Gets Testy
"Ridiculous comments about The Passion, exorcism, and other stories from online sources around the world"
"Christian History Corner: J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, a Legendary Friendship"
A new book reveals how these two famous friends conspired to bring myth and legend—and Truth—to modern readers
"Space, Time, and the 'New Hobbit'"
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien discuss science fiction
Kevin Leman Talks About Sex, Baby
The author of The Birth Order Book looks at the private lives of Christian couples in Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

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‘We Praise You That Trump Is Gonna Be All Right’
Evangelicals respond to the fatal shooting at the former president’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

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