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September 3 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 11
September 3
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Cover Story

Possessed or Obsessed?
Many Christians say they are in need of deliverance but some may be giving demons more than their due
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Quotations to stir heart and mind
Learning English from MTV
Inside Agnieszka Tennant's article on deliverance ministries
Stem Cells: Embryos Split Prolifers
Bush decision pleases some, keeps door open for disputed research
Charitable Choice: Charity Bill Scaled Back
Prospects for faith-based initiatives bill remain cloudy in Senate
Biotech: House Backs Human Cloning Ban
Scientists say they'll go ahead anyway.
Canadian Anglicans Nearly Broke
A judicial ruling limiting damages seems to be their last hope
School Prayer: Court Okays Mandatory Moment of Silence
Law explicitly allows student prayer at beginning of school day
Episcopal Church: Legal Ping-Pong
Suits and countersuits entangle Maryland Episcopal church
Yahoo! Users Shun Christian Shopping Mall
Counterboycotts follow boycotts over portal's porn sites
Evangelical Bungles Party Leadership Resigns
Stockwell Day's Canadian Alliance party woes seen as leadership issue, not religious
Nigeria: Orphaned and Widowed
Christian families devastated since Shari'ah law adopted
Laos: Christians Arrested
Quotations to stir heart and mind
Jordan: Evangelical Seminary Remains in Limbo
Jordanian school was closed two years ago with orders to re-register
Greece: Socialists Give Evangelicals Some Relief
Greek Orthodox Church fights plan to remove religion designation on identity cards
New Zealand: Christians Divide Over Sex-Worker Law
New Zealand considers decriminalizing prostitution
Editorial: Two Cheers
President Bush's stem-cell decision is better than the fatal cure many sought
Dismantling the Salvation Army
In maintaining integrity, Salvationists got the Boy Scout treatment
Exorcism Therapy
An interview with Michael W. Cuneo, author of American Exorcism: Expelling Demons in the Land of Plenty
Alter Possession
Some 'demons' are better left unexorcised
Pandora's Box of SRA
Satanic ritual abuse is often hard to prove, but it may not matter
Exorcism 101
What can we learn from the way Jesus cast out demons?
The 'Ample' Man Who Saved My Faith
G.K. Chesterton propounded the Christian faith with great wit—and sheer intellectual force.
Risking Life for Peace
Caught between rebels, paramilitaries, and crop-dusters, peacemaking Christians put their lives on the line in violent Colombia
Christ's Returns
Building an investment plan beyond profit
How Shall We Then Invest?
Practical steps toward building Kingdom equity.
What Has Jerusalem to Do with Mecca?
Two new books on the world's religions raise new possibilities, and new questions, for evangelicals
Cinema Verities
Even when they're writing fiction, these Hollywood insiders bring the truth to bear
Reel School for Real Christians
Act One prepares Christian screenwriters to write Hollywood blockbusters
Why Rules Rule
Debates on the Ten Commandments expose our culture's ultimate rift
Mercy Impaired
Let's shock the world by reversing our apathy toward African sufferers
Zarathustra Shrugged
What apologetics should look like in a skeptical age
Hagiography for Moderns
PBS's Evolution strives for enlightenment but achieves only indoctrination
'I'm Not in It for the Money'
The digital revolution created many wealthy tech-heads. What do they do now?
Dying Together
How a Bruderhof community rallied around its suffering brother
Compassion Confusion
We should serve the needy even when it has bad political consequences