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May 21 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 7
May 21
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Cover Story

Does God Know Your Next Move?
Does God change his mind? Will God ever change his plans in response to our prayers? If God knows it all, are we truly free? What does God know—and when does he know it? Christopher A. Hall and John Sanders debate openness theology.
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A Real Survivor
Behind Virginia Stem Owens' interview with death-row chaplain Jim Brazzil.
Armed Services: Navy Bias Charged
"We're not on the same ground as the high church group or the Catholics, say evangelicals"
Black Methodists Criticize Race Overture
"United Methodist caucus claims delegates reach out to outside black denominations, but not to blacks inside the church"
Ministry: New England Evangelicals Innovate and Grow
Churches planted in area take root despite rocky soil
Sex: Marriage Laws Embroil Legislatures
New Englanders push for domestic-partner benefits
"Pornography: Libraries, ACLU Resist Internet Filtering"
"Law, which requires filters at libraries and schools receiving federal Internet funds, takes effect tomorrow"
Taxes Financial Warfare Club Under Legal Cloud
Maryland attorney general issues cease and desist order against company aimed at African-American Christians
"Investing: $158,000 Assessment Stirs Pastor's Wrath"
Twin Cities suburb wants church to pay for road improvements
Law: Fetal Harm Bill Moves to Senate
Legislation is first of several bills backed by prolife groups
Sudan: Freedom Panel Alleges Genocide
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom makes suggestion on Sudan's worsening abuses
Mexico: A Peacemaker in Power
Evangelical governor sparks fresh hopes for lasting peace in troubled Chiapas
Religious Freedom Delegation Gets Cold Shoulder
Some Coptic Christians worry that foreign intervention on their behalf would spell trouble
Latin America: Pope Urges New Effort Against Sects
Parents demand answers after girl is kidnapped and reportedly raped
Pakistan: Stolen Daughter
Parents demand answers after girl is kidnapped and reportedly raped
Pakistan: Christian Principal Accused of Blasphemy
33-year-old Pakistani Presbyterian faces death penalty if convicted.
A Criminal Proposal
A white supremacist's rampage in 1999 should not shape law in 2001
Invalidating Valedictorians
It's time to let high school seniors into our democracy
Watchman on the Walls
"Between heaven and earth, and victim and offender, stands Texas death-row chaplain Jim Brazzil"
Two Schools of Thought
Many believers wonder what's best for their children—Christian or public education. Two Dallas schools suggest an answer
When Business Aims for Miracles
Minneapolis-St. Paul business professionals are some of the inner city's most effective social entrepreneurs
How to Spell Debt Relief
"The Jubilee movement convinced the world to write down the debt of impoverished nations, but the strings attached provoke fresh debate on economic justice"
Private Debt: The Final Frontier
Broadening relief to include middle-income countries with private bank debt would be tricky
From Lay Pastor to President
Macedonia's Boris Trajkovski uses both compassion and toughness to defuse a Balkan powder keg
Which Miracles Are Real?
"How can we tell which miracles, signs and wonders are of God?"
Readers' Forum: What Are We For?
The president of the NAE argues that a new day has arrived for the movement
Andy Crouch: Generation Misinformation
Forget the latest PowerPoint seminars on Generations X-Z.
Civil Reactions | Stephen L. Carter: And the Word Turned Secular
Christians should count the cost of the state's affirmation
Quotations to Stir Mind and Heart
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
Watered-Down Love
Bob Dylan encountered Jesus in 1978, and that light has not entirely faded as he turns 60.
It's Called Junk Food for a Reason
Two books explore the differences between true nourishment and its counterfeits
Andy Griffith Is My Copilot
Joey Fann's popular TV-based Bible study spins off an episode guide/devotional
Awakening Liturgies
Cultural Savvy
Cathartic Prayers
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Replenishing the Inner Pastor
Churches should take greater interest in their shepherds' spiritual health