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June 11 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 8
June 11
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Cover Story

Solitary Refinement
Evangelical assumptions about singleness still need rethinking
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Straight Outta Dharamsala
Behind James A. Beverley's report on the Dalai Lama
"Education: Reading, Writing, Reform"
"Vouchers dropped, but testing, tax credits remain in Bush education plan"
Presbyterians Launch ’Confessing Movement’
Conservatives threaten to withhold money if national leadership doesn't agree with affirmations
Health Fraud: Health Ministry in Receiership
"Arrangement designed to save Christian Brotherhood Newsletter, not dissolve it"
Investor Fury: Elderly Investors Target Accountant
But Baptist Foundation of Arizona victims will have to wait in line
Indictments: Indictments Handed Down
"Five former Baptist Foundation of Arizona officials plead not guilty to theft, fraud, and racketeering"
Rainbow Ministry: Summit Equips Leaders for Ethnic Outreach
Religious organizations targeting immigrant populations seek to make the church an embassy.
Islam Muslims Report Steady Growth
"Both American mosques and their attendees are young, study finds"
Schools: School Fights Christian Athletes Club
Pending trial in California will test the limits of religion on campus
Few to Receive AIDS Medicines
"Pharmaceutical companies drop suit against South Africa, but problems remain"
Flying Unfriendly Skies
"Recent tragedy highlights courage, risks of mission aviators"
Malaysia: Muslim Leader Appeals to Evangelicals
Prime minister of Malaysia speaks to World Evangelical Fellowship as group addresses domestic abuse and debt relief.
Nigeria: Teens 'Rescued' from Muslim Marriages
Missionary aviators say their risky work at times puts them in mortal danger
Ecumenism: Pope Apologizes
Wild Child: How Bad Is Child Care for Kids?
Is daycare preparing toddlers to become bullies?
A Singular Mission Field
There are more single people in America than ever—and they need the church as much as ever.
Surf Here Often?
Online matchmaking is changing the Christian dating game
The Man Who Ignited the Debate
An interview with I Kissed Dating Goodbye author Joshua Harris
Kissing Nonsense Goodbye
A slew of recent dating books are asking the wrong question
Does God Know Your Next Move?
Where Do We Go from Here?
Does God Know Your Next Move?
Christopher Hall and John Sanders debate openness theology (Part II).
Does God Know Your Next Move?
Christopher A. Hall and John Sanders continue their debate of openness theology.
Counteroffensive on RU-486
Critics allege safety concerns overlooked in FDA approval process
Bush's Prolife Strategy Questioned
White House chief of staff says abortion isn't on list of public policy priorities
Hollywood's Idol
"CT visits the Dalai Lama, spiritual hero to millions"
Basic Buddhism
"What the Dalai Lama and his followers believe about God, Buddha, and other teachings"
Weighed Down by Karmic Debt
Aspects of Tibetan spirituality should give Christians pause
Blood and Tears in Tibet
The Dalai Lama says he appreciates Christian attempts to address persecution in his homeland
Mind Over Skepticism
Alvin Plantinga: the 20th century's greatest philosopher?
The Genesis of Our Woes
Prophecy from the first book of the Bible
Quotations to Stir Mind and Heart
Quotations to stir heart and mind on places where God is encountered
Revisiting Mt. Carmel
Testing our social philosophy
Putting Faith Back in Public Service
An interview with John DiIulio, Bush's charitable-choice point man
Conservation: Protecting Bald Eagles and Babies
The case for compassionate conservationism
Sudan: No Greater Tragedy
What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Sudan
Resisting Relevancy
The church suffers when pastors confuse anecdotes with parables
Significance in a Small Package
The Prayer of Jabez is already one of the best-selling religious books in history. Why?
Resisting Church Divorce
Denominational conflicts may arise from views of God rather than competing worldviews
Three Chords and the Truth
Christian singer-songwriters take their faith into the culture of chiming guitars and protest songs
Merchants of Cool
We should be angry that the media hawks violence and that parents allow it