Trinity Law School continues investigation, removes dean
Winston L. Frost has officially been fired as Dean of Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California in an ongoing investigation of plagiarism. Frost, dean since 1998, has also been removed as regional president of Trinity International. According to the Los Angeles Times, he will remain suspended with pay until the school decides the fate of his tenured faculty position. The investigation is expected to conclude this week.

Frost was accused earlier this month of using large word-by-word sections out of an encyclopedia for his article, "The Development of Human Rights Discourse: A History of the Human Rights Movement." But more allegations piled up quickly. University officials are now investigating allegations that the same article also plagiarized a 1983 paper by legal scholar Jerome J. Shestack, and claims that Frost's master's thesis also plagiarized.

Frost has blamed the plagiarism charges on sloppy editing by students who allegedly deleted some footnotes and added others for references that were not used.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Trinity International University Provost Barry J. Beitzel dismissed Frost's explanations in a letter on Friday. The letter read:

It is apparent from your response that you have sought to evade all responsibility for the law review article that you authored. Both university policy and common sense do not support your position that you have no responsibility in this matter. Moreover, your assertion that these allegations of plagiarism are the result of missing and/or erroneous footnotes is a wholly inadequate response.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the allegations are only "the latest stumble in the occasionally rocky career of the evangelical Christian lawyer."

Scientist finds proof of Sodom and Gomorrah—but not the God part
A retired British geologist believes he has found evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah did suffer the fate depicted in the Bible, but thanks to nature and not at the hands of God. Graham Harris says the two cities may have existed on the shores of the Dead Sea in an area shook by a huge earthquake about four and a half thousand years ago.

Harris argues that the earthquake could have ignited flammable methane pockets under the Dead Sea shores, thus destroying the cities. Hmmm—as if God didn't know the methane pockets were there.

According to the BBC, Cambridge University experiments have backed up the findings. More evidence of the cities is needed to prove they really existed in that location.

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Religion is booming in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs seems to be experiencing a surge in Christian visitors to such an extent that a visitors bureau manger calls it a "a real religious Mecca in a way." With nearly 100 faith-based organizations headquartered in the city, Christian visitors flock in year-round because of such organizations as Focus on the Family, the Christian and Missionary Alliance or the Association of Christian Schools International.

According to The Sun in Baltimore, the last ten years has seen a dramatic rise in religious groups coming to Colorado Springs thanks to a strategic choice by the city to invite in nonprofits. The Sun reports:

Forty-eight percent of the hotel rooms booked through the visitors bureau last year were by religious groups. Secular associations were next at 35 percent. Corporations rank third. In 2000, religious organizations' conventions made up 31 percent of the total in the city — ranging from 10 people to 8,000 … And while their job base is small—under 2 percent of the city—many of these organizations draw smaller groups of visitors throughout the year to seminars and meetings at their offices.

Faith-Based Initiative:

Religion in the Workplace:


Archbishop Milingo:

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