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April 24 2000, 2000
Volume 44, Number 5
April 24
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Cover Story

Saving Celtic Spirituality
Despite the mythmaking, there's a wealth of Christian truth and devotion worth recovering.
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Not the Books of the Year
Congress Hears Testimony on Fetal Tissue
Church: Willow Creek Readies for Megagrowth
New auditorium will seat 7,000.
AIDS: African Americans Focus on AIDS Outreach
Black Church Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS gains observation
Oregon Releases Suicide Report
Revival: The Art of Cooperation?
Missouri revival pairs traditional with 'cutting edge,' upsetting some and inspiring others.
Evangelicals: Power in Unity
Evangelical leader embraces new strategy.
Immigration: Separation Anxiety
Haitian immigrants are less welcome than Cubans, but Florida churches are filling the hospitality gap.
Saving Bodies, Rescuing Souls
Chechen Muslims find Salvationist care has compassionate accent.
Nigeria: Moving Toward War?
Deadly riots lead to suspension of Islamic law.
Sudan: Relief Operations Endangered
Rebel demands cause agencies to curtail efforts.
Costa Rica: A Throwaway Generation
Drug-addicted girls find solace in the church's embrace.
Just Married?
God makes marriage a sacred invasion of privacy.
Bob Jones Rules
In his rationale for dropping his school's ban on interracial dating, Bob Jones III may have changed the fundamentalist movement.
Going Deeper:Books on Celtic Christian spirituality.
Books on Celtic Christian spirituality
This World Is Not My Home
What some mainline Protestants are rediscovering about living as exiles in a foreign culture.
Books of the Century
Leaders and thinkers weigh in on classics that have shaped contemporary religious thought
Wanting More in an Age of Plenty
Our wallets are fat, but our souls are empty
God's Crime Bill
The church has a ministry to victims—and their offenders.
Christian Fiction Gets Real
New novels offer gritty plots and nuanced characters—but can they find a market?
Classic & Contemporary Excerpts from April 24, 2000
Classic & contemporary excerpts on books, reading, and writing.
The Jerry Falwell We Never Knew
He hangs out with liberal pundits and gay activists. Is this the same Jerry Falwell who founded the Moral Majority?
The Back Page | Charles Colson:The Supreme Court's in Session
Are Christians ready to make their case?