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November 15 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 13
November 15
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Cover Story

Hymns on MTV
Combining mainstream appeal with spiritual depth, Jars of Clay is shaking up Contemporary Christian Music.
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Why I Hate The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Ron Maxwell, director of Gettysburg and an upcoming Joan of Arc film (tentatively titled The Virgin Warrior) lets loose on his competition.
1984 50 Years Later
Stop the spinning, I'm getting dizzy.
NCC Celebrates 50 Years of American Ecumenism
Hindus Protest Papal Visit to India
Fundamentalists accuse Christians of 'forced conversions'
Open-Door Policy Part 3
Gary Bauer's office problems signal a problem in our Christian understanding of both sex and work.
The Greatest Pokemon Match Ever: Pikachu vs. God at the Cineplex
What Christian film critics are saying about this week's top movies.
Smile God Loves You!
Kevin Smith's Dogma isn't just nonblasphemous, it is a presentation of Christianity to an unreached people group.
The Messenger: A Story of Joan of Arc
Luc Besson's new film isn't nearly as good as the true story, nor is his Joan truly a messenger.
Feed the Children Battles Controversy
Relief organization seeks credibility rehabilitation after newspaper investigation.
Amassed Media: Hooray for Holywood
A continuing look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream press.
Turkmen Authorities Fine Release Baptist Pastor
After 12-Day Imprisonment, Tashov is Fined a Month's Salary.
Sydney's Archbishop Overrules Decision to Allow Lay Presidency
NCC to Undergo Major Restructuring to Solve Financial Woes
Newly elected secretary faces an organization with a $4 million shortfall
Violence Mars Bonnke's Revival
Sixteen Nigerians die during opening rally
America Legislates for the World! ' Part 1
Muslims respond to the U.S. State Department report on religious freedom
America Legislates for the World! ' Part 2
Muslims respond to the U.S. State Department report on religious freedom.
Apologetics' Missing Links
Why Christian apologetics sites on the Web have a postmodern-sized blind spot
Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Gary Bauer's workplace rules, the Inclusive Bible, and other topics
Haunted by the Style Czarina
Conservatives Voice Support for Bauer
Conservatives Voice Support for Bauer
New Laws Protect Homosexuals
New Laws Protecting Homosexuals
NBC Purchases Chunk of Pax TV
Evangelism: To the Jew First?
outhern Baptists defend new outreach effort.
Sudan Oil Exports Draw Protests
Christians urge divestment from Canadian company.
Methodists Freeze NCC Funding
Church says questions unanswered over organization's $4 million debt.
Oregon: From Cult Site to Teen Camp
Anything that can go right will, Young Life discovers
Intelligent Design: Searching for a Blueprint
Discovery Institute reshapes the orgins debate.
Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine
Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine
70 Christians Arrested While at Church
Christians Protest Proposed Mosque
Nazareth Churches shut down for two days in show of disapproval
The Wall’s Long Shadow
Is there life after Communism in Eastern Europe?
Our Unoriginal Sin
Engaging pop culture means more than imitation.
An Education with a Backbeat
Jar Boys Meet Sgt. Pepper
If I Left the Zoo is even more daring than Jar's first two recordings.
The Business of the Kingdom
Management guru Peter Drucker thinks the future of America is in the hands of churches.
Neopaganism’s Bewitching Charms
The movement rejects Christianity, but we may discover surprising openings for the gospel.
The Battle for the Inclusive Bible
Conflicts over "gender-neutral" versions are not really about translation issues.
Shopping for the Real Me, Part 1 of 3
Why nothing ever quite fits right.
Shopping for the Real Me, Part 2 of 3
Why nothing ever quite fits right.
Shopping for the Real Me, Part 3 of 3
Why nothing ever quite fits right.
God on the Gridiron
Should there be a wall of separation between the church and football?
Running with Jonah
Do we really want to be closer to God?
The Movie Missionary
David Bruce uses film reviews to introduce Web surfers to Jesus.
Are Christians Required to Tithe?
We should be careful not to isolate the tithe from broader demands of generosity and social justice.
Who Do Artists Say That I Am?
The many faces of Jesus go on tour—and online.
Take Ten Commandments and Call Me in the Morning
How religion makes us healthy.
New and Noteworthy: Theology
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Scouts’ Dishonor
The judge told the Scouts just what their oath meant—and didn't mean.