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November 17 1997, 1997
Volume 41, Number 13
November 17
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Russia Steps Back from Freedom
The new law restricting religion is part of Russia'sstruggle to redefine itself.
Men Behaving Justly
It's clear that men and women need each other. You would almost think someone planned it that way.
Postmodernism with a Twang
Has postmodernism penetrated the world of country-and-western music?
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead confronts our postmarriage culture.
Classic and contemporary excerpts.
Invoking the Celtic Saints
Irish Christian band Iona defies trends, transcends tradition.
Pop Culture as Gospel Tutor
How to give media-saturated college students a Christian world-view.
With a Grain of Salt
Assessing a Mormon-evangelical dialogue.
William Buckley's autobiography of faith.
Will the Walls Fall Down?
Promise Keepers draws a bead on the 'giants' of racism, family breakdown, and church disunity.
Internet: Distance Learning to the Rescue?
Colleges pursue a competitive edge via the Internet.
Pacific Islands: Respect Pacific Cultures, Broadcasters Urged
by Neil Sanderson in Auckland, New Zealand
Producers Rediscover Religious Themes
Producers Rediscover Religious Themes
Media Follow-Up Campaign Effective
Media Follow-Up Campaign Effective
Churches Wrap Up Persecution Focus
Churches Wrap Up Persecution Focus
WWJD Products Inspire Thousands
WWJD Products Inspire Thousands
Voters End Church-Run State Schools
Voters End Church-Run State Schools
Venezuela Restricts Unification Church
Venezuela Restricts Unification Church
Missionary Murdered During Robbery
Missionary Murdered During Robbery
Latin America: Engaging the Culture
Latin Americans begin to master mass media as a way to reach out with the gospel.
Norway: Rising from the Ashes
Congregations rebuild after Satanist arsons.
How the Courts Censor Morality
How are Americans to write their moral convictions into law if the courts strike those laws down?