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July 18 1994, 1994
Volume 38, Number 8
July 18
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Cover Stories

Selling Out the House of God?, Part 1
Bill Hybels answers critics of the seeker-church movement.
Selling Out the House of God?, Part 2
Bill Hybels answers critics of the seeker-church movement.
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Christian Colleges’ Urgent Mission
Christian education is not secular education plus chapel.
The Burden of Celebrity
Fame, wheather in religious or non-religious circles, always comes with a high price tag.
The Birth of a Megachurch
Ending the Cold War Between Theologians and Laypeople
Why Christian scholars don't trust laypeople, and what can be done to make the relationship better
What Jonathan Edwards Can Teach Us About Politics
Before Jerry Falwell and Jesse Jackson, another preacher ventured into the public square.
Confronting Canada's Secular Slide
Why Canadian evangelicals thrive in a culture often indifferent to religious faith.
Healing Our Mean Streets
Viable solutions to violent crime emerge when people take the risk of personal involvement.
RE-Imagining Labeled 'Reckless'
PCUSA says conference pushed 'beyond the boundries.'
Church Names Leader, 86
APA Halts Conversion Therapy Change
From 1994: The APA'S board of trustees endorsed a proposed resolution disapproving treatment based on "a psychiatrist's intent to change a person's sexual orientation."
Rush Limbaugh: An Ego on Loan from God
Limbaugh is primarily an entertainer, not a political commentator or evangelical prophet. A review of ‘See, I Told You So’ and ‘Rush Limbaugh and the Bible.’
Reclaiming the Strip Mines: A Writer's Calling