Every fancier of religions reading cannot help being elated by the vigorous upsurge these days in the publication of religious books. The offerings of the past year spanned the spectrum from obtuse, radical theological tomes to popular, practical devotional aids. Our crop of Choice Evangelical Books for 1967 (see page 12) is clearly superior to that of 1966. If the books scheduled to appear this spring live up to publishers’ expectations, we should be in for an even more stimulating season of reading.

In the controversial field of theology, the bleat goes on. New volumes by such well-known writers as Paul Tillich, John A. T. Robinson, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Albert Outler, Kyle Haselden, John Macquarrie, Paul van Buren, Roger Shinn, Hans Küng, and Edward Schillebeeckx may bring about wool gathering in some readers’ minds but probably will produce some solid food for thought. On the conservative side, new works by G. C. Berkouwer, Kenneth Hamilton, Jacob Jocz, and Samuel Mikolaski show promise of advancing evangelical theology.

Books that evangelical readers should especially watch for include The Pattern of New Testament Truth by George Ladd, The Social Conscience of the Evangelical by Sherwood Wirt, Volume V of Kittel’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, What’s New in Religion? by Kenneth Hamilton, The New Testament by Oscar Cullmann, Who Shall Ascend? by Elisabeth Elliot, The New Evangelical Theology by Millard Erickson, and Studies in the Fourth Gospel by Leon Morris.

For well-heeled Bible connoisseurs who have yearned for a Latin Vulgate version illustrated by Salvador Dali, the Italian firm of Rizoli Editore is publishing an exquisite five-volume “Ad Personam” edition (limited to ninety-nine copies) with a top price of $17,500. At this price, one original Dali and 104 reproductions are included. The least expensive “deluxe” edition, with kairas goat-leather binding and color plates, will be sold to 1,499 people for $1,800. A medium-priced “grand deluxe” set in morocco leather will include a gold mold of Dali’s hand and be offered to 199 buyers at $2,700. The first volume of the Dali Bible recently reached America; the other four will be ready by Easter, 1969.

The following list of books selected from publishers’ reports and arranged by categories shows that the outlook is good for the new book season. Volumes publishers consider most significant in their new religious lines are indicated by an asterisk (*).

AESTHETICS, ARCHITECTURE, MUSICBROADMAN: A Window on the Mountain by W. and W. Pearce. DOUBLEDAY: Byzantine and Medieval Music by R. Goldron. EERDMANS: Hymns and the Faith by E. Routley. HARVARD: The Theory of the Avant-Garde by Poggioli. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON: To Build a Church by J. E. Morse. OXFORD: Signs and Symbols in Christian Art by G. Ferguson. SEABURY: The Seccular Use of Church Buildings by J. G. Davies. STANDARD: Favorite Hymns of Praise.UNITED CHURCH PRESS: FOCUS: Building for Christian Education by M. C. Widber.

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APOLOGETICS, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCEBAKER: Man in God’s Milieu by B. Kruithof and Symposium on Creation by D. W. Patten. BETHANY FELLOWSHIP: After Its Kind by B. C. Nelson. BIBLICAL RESEARCH PRESS: *Science and Christian Faith by W. H. Davis. CHRISTOPHER: *Royce and Hocking—American Idealists by D. S. Robinson. DOUBLEDAY: Man-Made Morals by W. H. Marnell. GOSPEL LIGHT: Who Says? and It All Depends, both by F. Ridenour. HARPER & Row: What Is Called Thinking? by M. Heidegger, A Dynamic Psychology of Religion by P. Pruyser, and Kierkegaard on Christ and Christian Coherence by P. Sponheim. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON: Peasant of the Garonne by J. Maritain and Jewish Philosophy in Modern Times by N. Rotenstreich. LIPPINCOTT: Commitments and Consequences by P. B. May. MACMILLAN: The Christian-Marxist Dialogue by Oestreicher. PAULIST: Science and Faith in the Twenty-first Century by D. Brophy. PRINCETON: Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship by V. Eller. SCRIBNERS: Prophecy in a Technocratic Era by A. van Leeuwen. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: God the Creator by R. C. Neville. WESTMINSTER: Living Without God by D. O. Woodyard, The ABC’s of Christian Faith by J. D. Smart, and Prayer in the Secular City by D. Rhymes. WORLD: Christian Faith and the Space Age by J. G. Williams. ZONDERVAN: *God, the Atom, and the Universe by J. Reid.

ARCHAEOLOGYWORLD: The World of the Bible by A. Jirku. ZONDERVAN: Archaeology and the Ancient Testament by J. L. Kelso.

BIBLICAL STUDIES, GENERALABINGDON: Young Readers Bible by H. M. Bullock and E. C. Peterson, and Strange Facts About the Bible by W. Garrison. FUNK AND WAGNALLS: Questions and Answers About the Bible by G. Stimpson. MACMILLAN: The Macmillan Bible Atlas by Aharoni and Avi-Yonah.SHEED AND WARD: Wellsprings of Scripture by J. M. Ford.

BIBLICAL STUDIES, OLD TESTAMENTABINGDON: Rebellion in the Wilderness by G. W. Coats. BAKER: The United Kingdom by C. Pfeiffer and The Book of Micah by T. M. Bennett. CONCORDIA: I and II Samuel by R. Behrke and Jeremiah and Lamentations by N, Habel.DOUBLEDAY: Essays on Old Testament History and Religion by A. Alt, Psalms II by M. Dahood and Isaiah II by J. L. McKenzie.GOSPEL LIGHT: Wisdom by H. S. Vigeveno and Sword and Trowel by J. D. Murch. JOHN KNOX: Theocracy and Eschatology by O. Plöger and Personalities Around David by H. Rolston. MACMILLAN: The Relevance of the Prophets by Scott. Paulist: How Does the Christian Confront the Old Testament? by P. Benoit et al.PRENTICE-HALL: The World of the Restoration by J. M. Myers. REGNERY: The Wisdom of the Psalms by R. Guardini. SEABURY: The Knowledge of God in Ancient Israel by R. C. Denton. TYNDALE: *Living Lessons of Life and Love: Ruth, Esther, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon paraphrased by K. Taylor. WESTMINSTER: The Old Testament Understanding of God by J. S. Chesnut. ZONDERVAN: Israel and the Nations in Prophecy by R. De Haan.

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BIBLICAL STUDIES, NEW TESTAMENTABINGDON: Theology and Ethics in Paul by V. P. Furnish. ASSOCIATION: The Cotton Patch Version of Paul’s Epistles by C. Jordan. BAKER: Epistle to the Galatians by W. Hendriksen. CONCORDIA: Romans by M. Franzmann. EERDMANS: The Pattern of New Testament Truth by G. Ladd, Jesus and the Twelve by R. Meye, Studies in the Fourth Gospel by L. Morris, and In the Holy Land by Robinson and Winward. HARPER & Row: The First Epistle to the Corinthians by C. K. Barrett and History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel by J. L. Martyn. SEABURY: St. Luke by G. B. Caird and St. Mark by D. E. Nineham. SHEED AND WARD: The Spiritual Journey of St. Paul by L. Cerfaux. WESTMINSTER: Jesus and the Power of Satan by J. Kallas and The New Testament by O. Cullmann. WORLD: The Holy Spirit in the Acts of the Apostles by J. H. E. Hull.ZONDERVAN: Faith That Works by J. L. Bird, Living in Hope of Eternal Life by P. Patterson, and A Hebrew Christian Looks at Romans by S. C. Mills.

BIOGRAPHYABINGDON: *A Song of Ascents by E. S. Jones. CONCORDIA: Life in Two Worlds by L. Spitz. DOUBLEDAY: The Secular Saint by A. Brockway. EERDMANS: Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans by E. W. Bacon and The Burning Heart by A. S. Wood. LOIZEAUX: *Jerry McAuley and His Mission by A. Bonner and Angola Beloved by T. E. Wilson. OXFORD: Harnack and Troeltsch by W. Pauck and Saint Patrick by R. P. C. Hanson. PRENTICE-HALL: *Todd by D. Melton.REVELL: This Is My Story, This Is My Song by J. Hines and No Man Walks Alone by F. Ellis. SEABURY: Dying We Live by H. Gollwitzer et al.WORLD: Jesus: Man and Master by M. C. Morrison.

CHURCH HISTORYAUGSBURG: The Maturing of American Lutheranism by H. T. Neve and B. A. Johnson and Lutherans in Concert by F. K. Wentz. BAKER: From the Rock to the Gates of Hell by A. W. Blackwood. CONCORDIA: History of Theology by G. Hagglund. DOUBLEDAY: The Puritan Revolution: A Documentary History.HARVARD: The Tragic Week by I. Ullman, Isaac Backus on Church,State, and Calvinism by Backus, and John Cotton on the Churches of New England by J. Cotton. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON: *The Progress of the Protestant by J. Haverstick. JUDSON: The Beginnings of Our Religion by E. M. Baxter. MACMILLAN: Those Dutch Catholics by Van Der Plas.

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DEVOTIONALABINGDON: A Devotional Anthology of the Early Church by G. Harkness. BROADMAN: With God in the Garden by J. E. Mead. CONCORDIA: Great Prayers by H. Huxhold, Off-Key Praises by J. Strietelmeier and Give Your Life a Lift by H. Gockel. EERDMANS: The Crisis of Piety by D. Bloesch. HARPER& Row: Discover the Power Within You by E. Butterworth. JUDSON: *There’s Always More by E. S. Whitehouse. LIPPINCOTT: Just as I Am by E. Price and Notes for Living by R. I. Lindquist. MACMILLAN: *Love, Love at the End by Berrigan. REVELL: It Is Toward Evening by V. Havner. TYNDALE: Life Is Tremendous! by C. E. Jones and Teenage Devotions for Campers by K. Taylor. UNITED CHURCH PRESS: Tune In by H. C. Ahrens.

DRAMA, FICTION, POETRYAUGSBURG: Cross Words and Lenten Chancel Dramas, both by W. A. Poovey. BAKER: The Shape of a Song by M. Brown and Poems of Protest and Faith by C. Miller. BROADMAN: Brother Fred Chicken, Superpastor by R. Milham. DOUBLEDAY: The Road to Bithynia by F. G. Slaughter. EERDMANS: YOU! Jonah! by T. Carlisle and Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective by R. Jellema. JOHN KNOX: The Map of Clay by J. Clemo. REVELL: The Many Faces of Love by L. Fiedler. UNITED CHURCH PRESS: Best Church Plays by A. Johnson and Wheels in the Air by W. T. Joyner. WORLD: The God Game by K. Olsson. YALE: The Old English “Advent” by R. B. Burlin and From Shadowy Types to Truth by W. G. Madsen. ZONDERVAN: Voice of the Morning by A. L. Wilson and To Life Anew by C. Hunter.

ECUMENICS, INTER-FAITH DIALOGUEAUGSBURG: Protestant Agreement on the Lord’s Supper by E. M. Skibbe. BROADMAN: Neighbors Yet Strangers by A. J. Jones. FUNK AND WAGNALLS: *Ecumenism or New Reformation? by T. Molnar and What the Jews Believe by P. S. Bernstein. JOHN KNOX: *The New Day by W. J. Boney and L. E. Molumby and Ad Limina Apostolorum: An Appraisal of Vatican II by K. Barth. PAULIST: Progress and Decline in the History of Church Renewal edited by R. Aubert, The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World by G. Baum and D. R. Campion. REGNERY: The Historical Road of Anglicanism by C. E. Simcox. SEABURY: *The Anglican Eucharist in Ecumenical Perspective by E. F. Echlin. SHEED AND WARD: *The Underground Church by M. Boyd and Paths to Unity by R. E. Modras. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: *The Impact of the Church Upon Its Culture by J. Brauer and *The Dialogue Between Theology and Psychology by P. Homans. WESTMINSTER: Introducing Contemporary Catholicism by T. Westow.WORLD: In Search of Meaning by C. H. Voss.

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ETHICAL, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, CULTURAL STUDIESABINGDON: Tomorrow’s Church by W. A. Holmes and Dialogue in Medicine and Theology by D. White. ASSOCIATION: Treat Me Cool, Lord by C. F. Burke. BROADMAN: *Morality and the Mass Media by K. Haselden and The Radiant You by M. Caldwell. DOUBLEDAY: Out of the Whirlwind by A. H. Friedlander. EERDMANS: Death and Contemporary Man by C. G. Carlozzi. FRIENDSHIP: Why Black Power? by J. Barndt. FUNK AND WAGNALLS: Bible and Sword by B. Tuchman. GOSPEL LIGHT: HOW to Succeed in Family Living by C. M. Narramore and *Inside Jerusalem by A. T. Olson. HARPER & Row: Religious Issues in American History by E. S. Gaustad and On Being Responsible by J. M. Gustafson and J. T. Laney. HAWTHORN: *Family Planning in an Exploding Population by J. O’Brien. HERALD: *Vietnam: Who Cares? by A. Beechy. JOHN KNOX: Reflections on Protest by B. Douglass and What’s Right? by C. E. Nelson. LIPPINCOTT: The Bible and Flying Saucers by B. H. Downing. OXFORD: Black Power and White Protestants by J. C. Hough. REGNERY: Nightmare in Detroit by V. G. Sauter and B. Hines. REVELL: Hey, Preach—You’re Comin’ Through by D. Wilkerson and Some of My Best Friends Were Addicts by V. Ely. SCRIBNERS: Restless Adventure by R. L. Shinn and The Religious Experience of Mankind by N. Smart. SEABURY: The Edge of the Ghetto by J. Fish et al. and Citizen Power and Social Change by M. Ruoss. SHEED AND WARD: Beyond Birth Control by S. Callahan and Ethics by T. M. Garrett. UNITED CHURCH PRESS: Black and White Together by R. Barbour. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: Prayer in the Public Schools by W. K. Muir. WESTMINSTER: The Situation Ethics Debate by H. Cox.

LITURGY, WORSHIPBAKER: Minister’s Marriage Manual by S. W. Hutton. JUDSON: Manual of Worship by J. E. Skoglund. WESTMINSTER: Sunday by W. Rordorf and Corporate Worship in the Reformed Tradition by J. H. Nichols. WORLD: Sourcebook for Christian Worship by P. S. McElroy.

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MISSIONS, EVANGELISM, CHURCH OUTREACHABINGDON: Protestant Crosscurrents in Mission by N. A. Horner. ASSOCIATION: The Free Church Today by A. Rouner and The Holy Spirit in Five Worlds by W. E. Oates. AUGSBURG: *NO Easter for East Germany? by A. C. Currier. BAKER: Tell Every Man by D. Haskin and Advancing the Smaller Local Church by W. C. Mavis. EERDMANS: All Loves Excelling by R. P. Beaver and The Inescapable Calling by K. Strachan. HARPER & Row: *The Secular Congregation by R. A. Raines and A Leopard Tamed by E. Vandevort. JUDSON: The Church in the University by H. Ambrose and Doing the Gospel in South East Asia by R. E. Brown. LIPPINCOTT: Operation Brother’s Brother by C. E. Bryant. UNITED CHURCH PRESS: Creative Ministries by D. F. Marshall and *Christian Secularity by G. Fackre. WORD: A Second Touch by K. Miller. ZONDERVAN: Praying Together by R. Rinker.

PASTORAL THEOLOGYABINGDON: Profession: Minister by J. Glasse. BAKER: *Proclaiming the New Testament: Luke by R. Earle, The Preacher’s Heritage, Task and Resources by R. G. Turnbull, and History of Preaching by E. C. Dargan. BETHANY FELLOWSHIP: *Divorce and Remarriage by G. Duty. BROADMAN: Rejoicing on Great Days by C. R. Angell. DOUBLEDAY: Letters to Philip: On How to Treat a Woman by C. Shedd. EERDMANS: Earthly Things by O. Hartman. HARPER & Row: The Seven Worlds of the Minister by G. Kennedy. JUDSON: The Neo-Married by H. Hovde and Preaching According to Plan by G. H. Asquith. LIPPINCOTT: Dreams by J. A. Sanford. MEREDITH: The New Catholic Treasury of Wit and Humor by P. Bussard. PRENTICE-HALL: Referral in Pastoral Counseling by Oglesby and Ministering to Prisoners and Their Families by Kandle and Cassler. TYNDALE: HOW to Be Happy Though Married by T. LaHaye. WESTMINSTER: The Search for Meaning by A. J. Ungersma, The Big Change by R. R. Dolan, From Call to Service by G. E. Whitlock, and Guilt: Theory and Therapy by E. V. Stein. ZONDERVAN: Communication for the Church by R. W. McLaughlin and The Family in Dialogue by A. D. Bell.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONAUGSBURG: Clues to the Kingdom by E. H. Hong and The World of Art—The World of Youth by P. A. Schreivogel. BAKER: 100 Bible Games by E. Allen. DOUBLEDAY: What’s the Difference? by L. Cassels. GOSPEL LIGHT: Help! I’m a Camp Counselor by N. H. Wright. HARPER & Row: Religion Goes to School by J. V. Panoch and D. L. Barr. JUDSON: The Drop-Ins by W. Mild and Education for Change by J. Ban. PRENTICE-HALL: Christian Education Where the Learning Is by V. E. Foster. REVELL: Focus on People in Church Education by L. Le Bar.WESTMINSTER: Bible for Children by J. L. Klink.

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SERMONSBAKER: Sermons in a Nutshell by J. Ellis and The Treasury of Alexander Whyte by A. Whyte. CONCORDIA: The Invitation of God by A. Koeberle. JUDSON: Sermons from Thanksgiving to Easter by D. A. MacLennan.TRIDENT: Best Sermons by P. Butler.

THEOLOGYABINGDON: The Lord’s Supper by W. Barclay and The Pusher and the Puller by J. E. Carothers. AUGSBURG: When God Speaks by P. A. Quanbeck, The Bible’s Authority Today by R. H. Bryant, and The Death and Resurrection of Christ by N. Söderblom. BETHANY FELLOWSHIP: Speaking in Tongues by L. Christenson and Mystery of Iniquity by F. J. Huegel. DOUBLEDAY: Evolution and Christian Hope by E. Benz. EERDMANS: The Sacraments by G. C. Berkouwer, *What’s New in Religion by K. Hamilton, The Covenant by J. Jocz, By Oath Consigned by M. Kline, The Reality of Faith by H. Kuitert, The Creative Theology of P. T. Forsyth by S. Mikolaski and Union with Christ by L. Smedes. HARPER & Row: In the End God by J. A. T. Robinson and A History of Christian Thought by P. Tillich. HARVARD: *Religion in a Technical Age by S. A. Miller. JOHN KNOX: Between Faith and Unfaith by L. J. Averill, With the Spirit’s Sword by C. A. M. Hall, Flux and Fidelity by K. Haselden, Martin Heidegger by J. Macquarrie, and Ludwig Wittgenstein by D. Hudson. LIPPINCOTT: From the Ashes of Christianity by M. J. Irion. MACMILLAN: Structures of Christian Priesthood by Audet, Contemporary Spirituality by Gleason, New Theology No. 5 by M. Marty and Peerman, Theological Explorations by Van Buren, Theological Ethics by Sellers. OXFORD: Experience and God by J. E. Smith, Documents of the Christian Church by H. Bettenson, and Who Trusts in God by A. C. Outler. PAULIST: The Seven Sacraments by E. Schillebeeckx, Bultmann and Christian Faith by R. Marle, The Christ in Jesus by S. B. Marrow, and Nature, Grace and Religious Development by B. McLaughlin. REVELL: *The New Evangelical Theology by M. Erickson and Gospel of the Life Beyond by H. Lockyer. SHEED AND WARD: The Cosmic Christ by G. A. Maloney, Life in the Spirit by H. Küng, A Priestly People by R. A. Brungs, The Church by H. Küng, and Revelation and Theology by E. Schillebeeckx. TRIDENT: The Struggle of the Unbeliever by J. Kavanaugh. UNITED CHURCH PRESS: The Marrow of Theology by W. Ames. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: Religious Symbols and God by W. Rowe. WESTMINSTER: The Ambiguity of Religion by D. Harned, The Christian Understanding of Atonement by F. W. Dillistone, New Directions in Theology Today by R. L. Shinn, The Shape of the Theological Task by R. T. Voelkel, Spirit of the Living God by D. Moody, *Jesus—God and Man by W. Pannenberg, and God Up There? by D. Cairns.WORLD: Atheism Is Dead by A. Lelyveld, The Shaping of Modern Christian Thought by W. F. Groff and D. E. Miller, The Scope of Theology by D. T. Jenkins, and Basic Readings in Theology by A. D. Galloway. ZONDERVAN: Creation or Evolution by D. C. Spanner.

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