The War on Women

The War on Women

The world's worst holocaust, and how Christians are saving one girl at a time.
6 Session Bible Study


"It's a girl" used to be cause for celebration. Now, it's a death sentence. War on Women exposes the problem of sex-selective abortion and the steps Christians are taking to end what some call the world's worst holocaust.

Author Marian Liautaud takes a deep look at gendercide through the lenses of demographics, social science, history, and faith to understand the far-reaching effects of aborting unborn girls in favor of boys in places like China and India. Though sobering in scope and detail, War on Women offers hope and help for knowing how to engage in this fight for life.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fight for Life

Chapter 2: China

Chapter 3: India

Chapter 4: A Man's World

Chapter 5: How to Save a Life

Chapter 6: Eyes Wide Open

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