The Four Best Places to Live

The Four Best Places to Live

Where is the best place to live? Four sessions of activity-based learning help your group find God's answers.
4 Session Bible Study

Where is the best place to live? Every year, the UN asks this question about countries, and release their recommendations in the Human Development Report. The UN uses only three basic criteria to determine the world's most hospitable and inhabitable countries: life expectancy, educational level, and annual income.

So where are the best places to live according to the Bible? Where do we experience the deepest sense of belonging? Where is it safe and yet abounding with adventure? Where do true riches reside? Use this 4-session activity based course with your small-group or Sunday school class to answer these questions.

Session One

The House of Worship
By ascribing to God his attributes, we draw near to the place where he is.
Exodus 20:18–21; 2 Samuel 6:12–15; Psalm 29:1–2

Needed for this lesson: a large assortment of magazines that include a lot of photos, a whiteboard or poster board and marker, pen and paper for everyone.

Session Two

The House of Prayer
When we pray believing and pray forgiving, we give our hearts to God and his kingdom.
Mark 11:12–26

Needed for this lesson: a flashlight.

Session Three

The House of Expectancy
When we live in expectancy, rather than expectation, we are open to the person of Christ.
Luke 7:18–35; Romans 8:18–25

Needed for this lesson: no extra materials are needed for this lesson.

Session Four

The House of Love
The one power that can conquer hatred, cast out fear, overcome evil, and endure through time is love.
John 1:1–18; 1 Corinthians 15:1–20; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:5–11

Needed for this lesson: blank pen and paper; whiteboard or poster board and markers.

Total number of pages—38

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