Men of Integrity: Passionate Pursuit

Men of Integrity: Passionate Pursuit

Discover God's call on your life by learning from six men of the Bible.
6 Session Bible Study

God wants men to passionately pursue him. In this six-session course that looks at the lives of Gideon, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Stephen, and Paul, you will find examples of men who did this faithfully. Their examples will inspire you to obediently and faithfully lead those around you, while acknowledging and dealing with your weaknesses.

Session 1

Living Up to Greatness
Gideon: The unexpected leader

Session 2

Man After God's Own Heart
David: A Passionate Life Before God

Session 3

Following God in Our Weakness
Elijah: A man who overcame his lowest lows

Session 4

Respond to God's Call
John the Baptist: The right man

Session 5

Faithful to the End
Stephen: Faith that leads to courage

Session 6

Leading from the Front
Paul: From persecutor, to Christian, to humble leader

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