Little Blessings

Little Blessings

Although parenting alone is a challenge, there is no greater blessing than having children.
Single Session Bible Study


Dried jelly permanently sticks to the refrigerator handle, the upstairs bathroom smells like dirty diapers, and three bicycles block the driveway. The teenager broke curfew again and refuses to repent. You are completely frazzled by your own flesh and blood. Then someone decides to give you a Bible study about the joys of parenting. Yeah, right!

We laugh at the irony of these words, but the fact is, we're right in the middle of parenting the most frustrating people on earth—carbon copies of ourselves. So how do we do it with grace and humor? How do we raise our kids and enjoy the process? We'll look at the issues in this study.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 18; Ecclesiastes 3; Matthew 6:25–34; Ephesians 1:1–16


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Keep a thankful heart.

Teaching point two: Take time to laugh.

Teaching point three: Live in the moment.

• Apply Your Findings

• Additional Resources


Here and Now, by Barbara Schiller (2 printed pages)

Total number of pages10

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