Following God in Our Weakness

Following God in Our Weakness

Elijah: A man who overcame his lowest lows.
Single Session Bible Study


Elijah was a lot like you. He was a man who sought to honor God. At times, he saw great victories. At other times, he felt weak and wanted to give up the fight. The article that accompanies this study points out that Elijah’s life resembled a five-act play, during which “he went from mountaintop victories to valleys of such suffering that he wanted his life to end.”

Does such a roller coaster of emotional extremes sound familiar? Do you experience ups and downs like Elijah did? How do you handle them? Do you try to avoid the lows in your own power by pretending they don’t exist? Or do you attempt to mask them with sports, work, or some other endeavor? What does the Bible say about overcoming depression?

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: 1 Kings 17:1–19:4; 19:5–18; 2 Kings 1:1–2:11; Matthew 17:1–13; Romans 11:2–5


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

-Teaching point one: Sometimes God ordains the isolation of his followers—when he does, look for his provision and purpose.

-Teaching point two: Often, God’s antidote for us when we feel blue is rest, nutrition, work, and the assurance that we aren’t really as alone as we might feel.

-Teaching point three: God is glorified in our weaknesses as he restores us and puts us back on track to do the things he has called us to do.

• Apply Your Findings

• Additional Resources

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