Developing the Spiritual Life of Children

Developing the Spiritual Life of Children

Biblical advice on how to pass on our faith to the next generation.
6 Session Bible Study

Passing our faith onto our children is vital. How can we help them want to know Christ? This six-session course will discuss how to make God real to your children by teaching them how to pray, making church a positive experience, helping children make their faith their own, and using stories to make the Bible come alive.

Session 1

Make God Real to Your Children
Use everyday examples to teach your child about God's love, creation, knowledge, and presence.

Session 2

Teach Children to Pray
This could be the most important skill we pass on to our children.

Session 3

Make Church a Positive Experience for Kids
How can we help kids to love church?

Session 4

Help Children Make Faith Their Own
if we don't teach them, who will?

Session 5

Nurture a Child's Faith
Authentic faith is cultivated in the soil of the home.

Session 6

Use Stories to Pass on the Faith
How can we use stories to convey meaning, inspire action, and pass on the faith?

Total number of pages - 67

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