Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

Four sessions of activity-based learning help you extend grace to others.
4 Session Bible Study


Perhaps you identify with JoHannah Reardon when she writes, "I seem to be a magnet for difficult people. I always make the mistake of being overly friendly with everyone I meet, making them feel that I will accept all their faults and foibles. At times, the overabundance of difficult people in my life has been overwhelming, and I've wanted to retreat to a high mountain and live a monk-like existence."

Like it or not, most of us will have to interact with difficult people at one time or another. This four-session Bible study course for groups will help you learn to deal with difficult people in an interactive and creative way. This resource includes leader and participant guides, and is packed with Scripture passages, in-depth questions and fun group activities. Extend grace today!

Session One

God is in Control
Having confidence in God can stir loyalty.
1 Samuel 8:4–22; 16:1, 7–23; Acts 17:26–27
Needed for this lesson: A snack, and disposable and non-disposable plates and cups.

Session Two

Speak the Truth
Sometimes a loving response requires confrontation.
1 Samuel 15
Needed for this lesson: Three people who agree to help you with the opening, a snack, and an alarm clock that can increase in volume.

Session Three

Show Grace
We show the same grace God shows us.
1 Samuel 18:1–12; 24
Needed for this lesson: A special snack, pens, and blank sheets of paper.

Session Four

Pledge Love
A loyal person keeps a covenant, no matter the cost.
1 Samuel 18:1–4
Needed for this lesson: Arrange ahead of time for two people to play the parts of Jonathan and David in the opening skit. You'll also need a snack and enough pencils and paper for each person in your group.

Total number of pages - 33 pages

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