Advent Meditations

Advent Meditations

Rediscover the joy of Advent with these meditations
6 Session Bible Study


What's It All About?
by JoHannah Reardon

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The Gift
God's plan for the world unfolds in the first few pages of the New Testament.
by Dave DeLuca

Christmas Is for Those Who Hate It Most
Because the manger is the most hopeful place in the universe.
by Matt B. Redmond

Imagination at Christmas
Because we do not get to see, smell, taste, or touch the events of the gospel story, we must imagine it.
by Brad and JoHannah Reardon

I'll Be Home for Christmas
Someone may be waiting for us to reach out to them this Christmas.
by Lee Dean

The Light of Christmas
Lights are a hallmark of this holiday, but they will not ultimately illuminate our hearts.
by Stan Guthrie

A Christmas To-Do List
These are the real priorities this season.
by Mark Mitchell

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