Whether it’s how quickly the vaccine was developed, or growing distrust in sources of public information, or a combination of the two, white evangelicals were found to be the least likely to receive a COVID vaccine (Pew Research Center).

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, on the other hand, is full of hope at the available vaccine. He shared, “when the answer was 95% efficacy with no evidence of a safety problem, I have to say I cried tears of joy. It was an answer even beyond what I had almost dared to pray for.”

So why are so many still so hesitant about a vaccine that has been found to be safe and effective? And how should Christians think about the vaccine in light of the biblical mandate to love their neighbor?

Humanitarian Disaster Institute Co-Directors Jamie Aten and Kent Annan were joined by Drs. Francis S. Collins (Director, National Institutes of Health), Timothy Dalrymple (President and CEO, Christianity Today), and Russell Moore (President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission) for a conversation about Evangelicals & the COVID-19 vaccine.

While some Evangelicals have adopted a cynical view of science and technology, the development of such an effective and innovative vaccine is, according to Timothy Dalrymple, a testament to the “creative genius of God.” It is also an opportunity for Christians to love their neighbor, especially the most vulnerable in their community.